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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are your dvd's so cheap are they genuine UK release dvd's?

Yes all our dvd's are brand new genuine UK release Region 2 dvd's. We do not sell copies or cheaper imported versions. Please read our reviews page above for re-assurance. We are able to offer these at such low prices compared to larger internet retailers due to our lower overheads. All of our dvd's are brand new and sourced from reputable wholesalers or directly from the studios/manufacturers within the UK. We will supply them as received from our suppliers. Please Note whilst the majority are sealed not all are received by us in a sealed/shrink wrapped condition.

Why are your product photo's different from other retailers?

Unlike other retailers we actually photograph all of the products we sell to give you a better idea of what you are actually buying (and make our site look better). Another reason we are able to photograph our products is because we actually have them in stock! (unlike alot of internet retailers - you'd be surprised!). Polite note to other dvd retailers we have spent alot of time and money photographing our whole range and therefore all of our website images are copyrighted to us.

Are you a 'drop shipper'?

No certainly not. We are a reputable UK based VAT registered company. We carry all our own stock and post it to you from within the UK. Whereas most large internet retailers base themselves in the Channel Islands to avoid paying their share of tax, resulting in slow delivery times for their customers, we put delivery times first and you will recieve your dvd's from us on average faster than other retailers.

All of our dvd's are Region 2 or 0 unless otherwise stated.

The region code identifies a dvd's compatibility with the players typically sold within a particular region or country. Region 2 means that they are compatible with players typically sold in the UK, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East, Australia and others. A small selection of our DVDs are Region 0. Region 0 DVDs are “region free” and will play on any DVD players. PLEASE NOTE - It is your responsibility to ensure your DVD player is compatible before purchase.